Tired of the lies that trophy hunters spread in their attempts to justify their cruel trade? We expose the reality of trophy hunting. If you want the truth - visit this page.


What is Trophy Hunting?

Trophy hunting is described as a ‘sport’ by those who practice it. It consists of killing an animal for recreation, and then displaying its body as an expression of a hunter’s ‘prowess’. It is distinct from the control or management of wildlife populations, which should be carried out humanely by trained professionals.


How do We work?

We work with undercover investigators, conservationists and cross-party Members of Parliament to expose the truth about Trophy Hunting, and bring forward the day that this so-called ‘sport’ is abolished once and for all.


Britain has been a strong supporter of moves to curb illegal trade in endangered wildlife.


However, the government currently still allows hunters to bring home trophies of animals killed for “sport” in Africa and other countries, including species classed as endangered.


In fact, Britain is one of the worst countries in the world for imports of elephant trophies. And the number of lion trophies coming into Britain has actually increased since the international outcry over the killing of Cecil, the lion.


In 2016, the British government said it would ban lion trophies unless changes were made by the hunting industry. It then quietly dropped its pledge.
Meanwhile, the governments of France and Australia have stopped hunters from bringing in lions and other trophies. The Netherlands has implemented a near-total ban. Even the US, under the Obama Administration, introduced severe restrictions on lion and elephant trophies and continues to forbid hunters from bringing home the bodies of cheetahs.

What are Trophies?

Trophies include whole bodies of animals, their heads or skulls, skins, tails, feet and even genitalia. In the case of elephants, they can include trunks and ears too.

How many animals are killed by trophy hunters?

.Over the past decade, an estimated 1.7 million animals – many of them at risk of extinction – have been shot and killed by Trophy Hunters. This is the equivalent of 1 every 3 minutes.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to abolish all trophy hunting. Trophy hunting is cruel, barbaric and archaic. 

Our Goal:

With a voice that matters on the world stage, we’re here to push for a total ban on trophy hunting, as we believe this type of sport is an outdated and unacceptable practice.

Call for Donations:

We are not government-funded and rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our vital work.

Help the Community:

When the animal is killed, another living animal has been permanently harmed or destroyed outright. It’s sickening and unforgivable!  We as a nation live to ignore this disgraceful activity. The government, the media and the public cannot turn a blind eye! ‐-‐This must change!

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