Companies that are shooting record-breaking animals


Hunting companies are competing to see how many of the world’s largest animals they can shoot on their estates.

Hunting groups such as Safari Club International have a ‘Record Book’. It’s a bit like the Guinness Book of World Records. Instead of recording great human achievements, however, it catalogues the defenceless, innocent animals that have been shot by hunters for fun.

There are currently 892 different species and sub-species listed in SCI’s Record Book, and almost 200,000 ‘record-sized’ animals that appear in the book.

The Record Book tells hunters where to find the biggest animals and how big an animal must be to be eligible. Lions, leopards and cheetahs shot by hunters have their heads measured after they’re killed. For elephants, hunters weigh the animal’s tusks. Rhinos have the size of their horns measured.

It’s the dream of every trophy hunter to get into the Record Book. It’s like a cricketer wanting to get their name on the Board at Lords for scoring a century or taking 5 wickets, or an American Football player getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

However, because the Record Book is encouraging hunters to shoot the ‘strongest’ and ‘fittest’ animals there are fears this is accelerating the extinction emergency. Trophy Hunting is the opposite of Natural Selection, where the fittest survive and pass on their genes and thus ensure the continuity of the species. Scientists says make animals could go extinct as they can’t adapt quickly enough to survive accelerating climate change.

The industry’s own records indicate that lions are indeed now smaller than they were 30 years ago. Scientist have found that their gene pool has shrunk by 15% over the past century. They say that shooting just 5% of the best male lions left could push them past the point of return. US government officials warn that lions could go extinct by the year 2050.

Elephant tusks have shrunk dramatically in size too. There are now just 40 ‘Big Tusker’ elephants left on the planet, and the growth in numbers of tuskless adult elephants has been dramatic.

Hunting companies, meanwhile, are making millions from helping eager Trophy Hunters get their names into the Record Book. Hunters often have to shoot a large number of animals before they get one big enough to be eligible for the Record Book – meaning even more animals are shot.

Below are some of the hunting companies with the most entries in Safari Club International’s Record Book. While many are in Africa, some of the biggest are in the US where animals are brought from Africa for American hunters to shoot on ranches in Texas. There are also companies in Spain and New Zealand, while other leading firms are British-owned.





Hunting companyNumber of Record Book animal trophies
777 Ranch2,541
Coenraad Vermaak Safaris1,580
Fernando Saiz-Spain1,504
Garry Kelly Safaris1,097
Anuritay Ranch1.036
Madubula Safaris999
Fraley Ranch882
John X Safaris882
Alpine Hunting Adventures817
Bushmen Safaris801
Giuseppe Carrizosa789
Dries Visser Safaris764
South American Adventure Safaris716
Stone Hunting Safaris704
Rann Safaris702
Y.O. Ranch689
Kingham Safaris675
Kevin Downer668
Hunting Consortium637
Wengert-Windrose Safaris626
Ian Wilmot Safaris622
Robin Hurt Safaris596
Blaauwkrantz Safaris575
Tanzania Big Game Safaris575
Kiwi Safaris551
Glacier Guides540
Johnny Vivier536
Oelofse Wild535
Canada North Outfitting532
Mayo Oldiri Safaris514


10 Most Recent Lion records



WhenWhereHunting companynotes
October 2019Lukwati, TanzaniaMichel Manthekis 
July 2019Upper Lupande, ZambiaStone Hunting SafarisBiggest-ever lion shot with crossbow
June 2019Luangwa Valley, ZambiaStone Hunting SafarisBiggest-ever lion shot with a bow and arrow
June 2018Bubye Valley Conservancy, ZimbabweMazunga Safaris3rd biggest ever lion
November 2017Chifunda, ZambiaMuchinga Adventures 
October 2017ZimbabweStalker Group 
October 2017Luangwa Valley, ZambiaStone Hunting SafarisWorld Record lion
September 2019Sofala, MozambiqueMashambanzou Safaris 
July 2017Lunda, TanzaniaMkwawa Hunting Safaris 
May 2017Unit 6, Matetsi, ZimbabweMauro Fabris 


10 Most Recent Elephant records



WhenWhereHunting companynotes
October 2020Luangwa Valley, ZambiaSable Transport 
July 2019Upper Lupande, ZambiaStone Hunting SafarisBiggest-ever elephant shot with a crossbow
August 2018Insiza, ZimbabweMF Hunting Safaris 
October 2017ZimbabweSean Grant 
August 2017Save Conservancy, ZimbabweZambezi Hunters 
July 2017NamibiaUnico Hunting Safaris 
April 2017Bwatabwata, NamibiaHunt Africa 
December 2016ZimbabweMauro Fabris 
December 2016Tsholotsho, ZimbabweMauro Fabris 
October 2016Klaserie, South AfricaMadubula Safaris 


10 Most Recent Polar Bear records



WhenWhere (all Canada)Hunting companynotes
August 2019South Hampton Island, NunavutCanada North OutfittingShot with muzzle-loader rifle
April 2019Resolute Bay, NunavutCanada North Outfitting 
April 2019Resolute Bay, NunavutCanada North Outfitting 
February 2019Resolute Bay, NunavutCanada North OutfittingShot with bow and arrow
October 2018Hudson Bay, NunavutNatura Sport 
August 2018NunavutCanada North Outfitting 
April 2018Resolute Bay, NunavutCanada North Outfitting 
April 2018Lancaster Sound, NunavutCanada North OutfittingShot with bow and arrow
March 2017Arctic Bay, NunavutCanada North Outfitting 
May 2016Resolute, Northwest TerritoriesCanada North Outfitting